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SFOTIsTheBest SFOTIsTheBest 6 August

Six Flags Over Texas - 2 new attractions for 2022!

Announced Thursday, August 5th, Six Flags Over Texas’ 60th anniversary, we will get the return of the speelunkers in a new dark ride, Pirates of Speelunker Cave! This will include a completely rethemed coastal entry plaza to the ride which will blend well with the new Tiki Oasis bar and stage area. This comes along with the delayed Mack Power Splash, Aquaman: Power Wave that will include a turntable for increased capacity, improved theming, and an immersive queue. As of a few days ago, we have seen construction restart on Aquaman: Power Wave, with a section of track removed for the turntable and construction vehicles working swiftly on the ride. New paint colors have also been seen on Pandemonium, with a section of track painted pink and r…

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SFOTIsTheBest SFOTIsTheBest 11 July


Casa Magnetica has returned for the 2021 season! It's so great to see this classic (and rare) attraction with a refreshed look and theme. If you want to see a walk-through of this amazing experience, be sure to check out JB Thrills' video on Youtube. Let me know what you think of this revival!

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Coaster boyyyyee Coaster boyyyyee 21 September 2020

does @Jackboog21 know this wiki

I just wonder even though he's never added the wiki it still says counselor why does it say that even he hasn't added or made something in this Wiki I don't think he even knows this but @Jackboog21 if you know this Wiki post a comment here

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Tumblrdesxx Tumblrdesxx 13 August 2020


Hi there! My name's Des and my home park is Six Flags Gret Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. I have done photos for Six Flags Block party, Dead Mans Party/Awakening/Procession, Unleashed, and Frost during Holiday in the park 2019. I am a ghoul at a separate haunt for the 2020 season. I have been going to Six Flags my entire life, and the staff is family to me since I am a personal friend of many employees.

I enjoy singing, dancing, writing, painting/drawing, and occasional choreography depending on how stable my knee is. I injured my knee last August and had to do a bit of therapy with my aunt to help me get better. My favorite color is blue, I really don’t know why but I’m really attracted to the color for some strange reason. I used to be…

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Maddox121 Maddox121 30 June 2020

Ranking Six Flags Parks

  1. Six Flags Over Georgia - Many things are great about the park, the rides are really guaranteed to open per what the website says and a great collection. [ACTUALLY BEEN]
  2. Six Flags White Water - Literally a great park with the collection, but the service is very subpar, slides claim to open at a certain time, and hardly ever do, "staffing issues" they say, honestly, this park is just too huge for the small staffbase. [ACTUALLY BEEN]

Non actually been to parks TBA

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Maddox121 Maddox121 1 June 2020

Six Flags Parks Sold Off (Possible Chapter 7/2nd Bankruptcy)

  • Six Flags Over Texas (acquired by Cedar Fair who now owns the Six Flags trademark, now simply Six Flags)
  • Six Flags Over Georgia (acquired by Herschend, now known as Austell Adventures)
  • Six Flags St. Louis (acquired by Herschend, now known as Eureka Wood)
  • Six Flags Great Adventure (acquired by Cedar Fair, now known as Jersey Adventure)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain (acquired by Cedar Fair, now known as Knott's Valencia)
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Maddox121 Maddox121 30 April 2020

TCR No. 1: Why Six Flags Should be Demolished

Six flags is a really dumb stupid park full of stupid idiots like ViperFangirl, Maddox121 and JIM. REID. ANDERSON.

  • Darude Sandstorm Plays in the intro*

Today i will be telling you why six flags should be demolished.

First off, they like dc, the gayest comics since MARVEL. the peanuts are the only good comics out there.

Second off, they have the looney tunes, the only cartoon i watch is peanuts.

Third off, they have M&M sponsors, i only like skittles.

The park is really cruddy in every fathomable way.

Look at what i did before.

  • Really fake SFOG segment plays*

OK, so i'm at Six Flags Over Gay at night, and i hate this park

so what am i going to do


  • YouTube C.G. Strike occurs*


Cut to Maddox121: Seems like an…

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Maddox121 Maddox121 14 March 2020

Coronavirus/Six Flags 2nd Bankruptcy Predictions (10 Year Plan)

  • 2021 - Six Flags China gets cancelled, Six Flags brings back Mr. Six to help public interest, Darien Lake and Frontier City sold to Cedar Fair
  • 2022 - 1 Ride Per Park cancelled due to budget cuts, instead, 3 groups of 5 parks switch back and forth on rides per year (Over Georgia, Over Texas, St. Louis, Great America, Great Adventure) (America, Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom, Fiesta Texas, WhiteWater) and (New England, Hurricane Harbor Phoenix, Mexico, La Ronde, Great Escape)
  • 2023 - La Ronde sold to Cedar Fair and Mexico torn down
  • 2024 - Great Escpae Lodge sold to Great Wolf Lodge
  • 2025 - Great Escape sold to Palace Entertainment
  • 2026 - All EPR parks sold off to Cedar Fair
  • 2027 - All extra-cost waterparks sold off to Palace Entertainment
  • 2028 - D…
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MegaZeph MegaZeph 3 September 2019

Introducing the all-new Fright Fest Wiki!

Hey all! I'm happy to announce that Six Flags Fright Fest now has its very own FANDOM community: Fright Fest Wiki! As you may have noticed, articles about some of the more obscure Fright Fest characters have been deleted, and this is because they will now be found over on our new sister Wiki. However, this doesn't mean that all Fright Fest content will be removed from Six Flags Wiki. The more notable characters (such as Nox) will always have a place here, as they are central to their respective parks and its haunted attractions. This means that articles about various Fright Fest haunted houses, scare zones, etc. can still be edited and will also remain.

The Halloween season is fastly approaching, so what better time to head over to Fright F…

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Maddox121 Maddox121 29 August 2019

The Countries Six Flags Parks will be in by 2032

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Konnichiku Konnichiku 22 February 2019

Konnichiku's Top 10 Favorite Six Flags Coasters

Hello, everybody! This is Konnichiku! Today, I'm going to list my top 10 favorite coasters at Six Flags! (Ones that I have been on or at least rode something similar to.)

  • 1 #10
  • 2 #9
  • 3 #8
  • 4 #7
  • 5 #6
  • 6 #5
  • 7 #4
  • 8 #3
  • 9 #2
  • 10 #1

Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure! This ride is a stand up coaster located in the Boardwalk section of the park. It used to be at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, where it was known as Chang and held the record for the tallest vertical loop, until 2010, when Six Flags dropped the Kentucky Kingdom park from their chain. The yellow section of the track is actually a holdover from those days, as the ride used to be colored entirely yellow, but it was retconned for the story, which involved the Yellow Lantern (the light of fear.)

When I heard…

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Pinkswan95 Pinkswan95 20 January 2019

Really old and bad blog post.

Remove this post. I'm bored

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763492 763492 13 January 2015

Six Flags in Florida thought

I wonder if Six Flags would come to Florida (either at Tampa, Polk, Orlando, or where ever) at some point?

My opinion is that Florida dose need more theme parks, particularity Orlando. And if that happens, I think they could build a resort complex with two Six Flags theme parks (which one would be a dry Six Flags theme park and second would be a water park), a downtown district, mini-golfs, hotels, and more. In my head, it would be called "Six Flags Florida Resort".

What would you think?

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BigSpinCoaster BigSpinCoaster 13 October 2014

Six Flags New York

Six Flags New York is a theme park in upstate New York. It was founded in 1955 as "Wildwood Grove", a campground with a small kids park with rides. The first "adult ride Wildwood Grove received was a wooden coaster called "Jack Rabbit" in 1962. Jack Rabbit was replaced with another wooden coaster called Roar! in 1975. In 1985 the park added a water park called "Wet 'n Wildwood" with a four slide complex called "Barracuda Bay" and a smaller slide complex for kids. Six Flags bought Wildwood Grove in 1998 and it became "Six Flags New York". In 1999  "Little Bo Peep's Petting Zoo" was replaced with "Looney Tunes Seaport" with five rides relocated from the "KidZone" children's area KidZone also got a Vekoma family suspened coaster called "Scooby-…

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