"What we are really interested in is... where is the Demon? How did he get there? And why, why does he stay?"
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Demon (formerly Turn of the Century) is a looping steel roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. Originally built for the Marriott Corporation, the roller coaster was designed by Vekoma and opened on May 29, 1976. The ride also exists at California's Great America, the former sister park of Marriott's Great America owned by Cedar Fair. The California's Great America version opened just nine days before the Six Flags Great America version.


Turn of the Century (1976-1980)


Demon originally opened on May 29, 1976 as "Turn of the Century", when the park was still known as Marriott's Great America.

Demon (1980-present)

In 1980, Turn of the Century became Demon, adding two vertical loops and different theming.[1] In a storyline provided by the park, after not paying

Six Flags acquisition

Attraction experience


Guests enter next to a fiery sign that says Demon.


Guests get on one of three trains and lower down their over the shoulder restraints. After starting, the train leaves the station by heading into the tunnel, which then goes up an 100-foot lift hill, followed by a 90-foot drop. After heading into the first vertical loop, the train then goes into the second vertical loop, then into a tunnel filled with lights, before entering a mid-course block brake section. It then continues with a drop into a double corkscrew followed a turn into the second and final brake run, and then the train returns to the station.

Ride overlays

Rage of the Gargoyles

Main article: Rage of the Gargoyles

Rage of the Gargoyles was an optional interactive virtual reality experience on Demon during Fright Fest 2016. Like the other versions of the experience, guests "board" an plane and fly through a city while shooting gargoyles.

Original queue audio (1979-?)

From the ride's opening until after Six Flags acquired the park, Demon featured approximately 25 minutes of audio that told the backstory of the namesake Demon, and how he came to be. This was removed sometime in the mid-1980's, in an attempt to lighten the ride's tone due to complaints about it being too "devilish". This is a description of what the audio was like:

A deep, male voice with a Transylvanian-type accent begins to speak, talking about how how "certain leading scientists" believe that the Demon first waded ashore from the "dark and muddy depths of a Louisiana swamp", seemingly referring to the Orleans Place section of the park. The voice then explains that other researchers believe that the Demon was "conceived" from "scummy, oily goo at the bottom of New York Harbor", referring to the Yankee Harbor section of the park. The ghostly sound of a foghorn from a ship can then be heard. The voice then explains that a third group believes that the Demon came from slime that landed in New Mexico in 1923 after an "intergalactic battle", likely a reference to the then-unbuilt Southwest Territory section of the park. The voice then says "No matter, what we are really interested in is, where is the Demon? How did he get there? And why, why does he stay?".

The voice then explains that at approximately 9 PM on a Thursday evening, that the Demon "oozed and slithered"

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"The Demon Song"

Main article: The Demon Song

In Demon's Queue, the ride's main theme, "The Demon Song", can be heard. This song was created for Marriott's Great America by TM Studios, and is still in use to this day.




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