Pigman is a human-pig hybrid demon character exclusive to Fright Fest at Six Flags St. Louis. He made his debut in Terror Train: Pigman's Revenge during Fright Fest 1999.

For his 10th anniversary, Pigman was made the main icon of the event for Fright Fest 2009.



Pigman made his debut for Fright Fest 1999, where he appeared as the main character in Terror Train: Pigman's Revenge, a train show aboard the Tommy G. Robertson Railroad. The show lasted until Fright Fest 2004.

Early years (2000-2004)

Pigman reappeared in Terror Train: Pigman... The Final Straw during Fright Fest 2005, and again in the Terror Train during Fright Fest 2008.

10th anniversary (2009)

For Fright Fest 2009, Pigman became the main icon of the event for his 10th anniversary, where he appeared in Terror Train: The Legend Continues, and got his own haunted attraction, The Farmhouse Haunted Mansion. All over the park, signs could be seen referring to Pigman, telling guests to stay away.

The Slaughter House & Pigman's retirement (2010-2016)

For Fright Fest 2010, The Slaughter House debuted, with Pigman as the attractions's main character again. He appeared in the attraction every year until Fright Fest 2014, when he was removed for unknown reasons. The attraction then took on a different storyline, treating the workers of The Slaughter House like bloodthirsty zombies than demented followers of Pigman.
"We took Pigman out of the park several years ago, and even this year we'll get a handful of requests or questions about "Hey, where's Pigman this year?" So it's interesting how your guests will fall into that trap of wanting to have the same things year after year as well."
Ron McKenzie on the demand for Pigman's return at an exclusive Fright Fest panel, 2016
On March 19, 2016, an exclusive Fright Fest panel was held at Six Flags St. Louis, with Therese Bargman, the entertainment manager of Six Flags St. Louis, David Major, the entertainment manager of Six Flags Great America, Robbie Zumsteg, the entertainment manager of Six Flags Great Adventure, and Scott Sterner, the corporate entertainment manager of Six Flags, with Six Flags St. Louis director of marketing Ron McKenzie as host. After the panel spoke about how often each park was changing out attractions every year to keep things fresh, McKenzie spoke about Pigman's retirement, saying that guests who wanted him to return were "falling into the trap" of wanting the same thing year after year.[1]

Return of Pigman (2017-2018)

After three years of fans demanding for Pigman to come back, Six Flags St. Louis finally announced his return for Fright Fest 2017 on their Instagram page on September 27, 2017.[2] He returned as a character in The Slaughter House, and has stayed in the house through Fright Fest 2018.


Before he was known as Pigman, Mr. Drake was a pig farmer who lived in a pig farm on the property where Six Flags St Louis is now. Eventually, he was forced off of his land by Angus G. Wynne, a move that enraged him. After his death, Drake's spirit came back as a pig-faced demon, later known to everyone as Pigman. With his new form, he set off to attempt to destroy the park as revenge for his lost pig farm.


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