Six Flags St. Louis, originally Six Flags Over Mid-America, is a Six Flags theme park located in Eureka, Missouri. The park opened on June 5, 1971, and features eight themed areas that contain many various attractions and live entertainment.

It is the only park of the original three created by Angus G. Wynne to be fully owned and operated by Six Flags. The others, Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia, only being operated by the company, owned by various limited partners.


"Six Flags is divided into six sections which reflect the architecture and atmosphere of different eras in Midwestern history.

The flags of France, Spain, England, the Union, Illinois, and Missouri have had influence over the territory since 1764.

The buildings, shows, and rides are themed to help you relive the bright and colorful past at Six Flags."

―The dedication of Six Flags Over Mid-America, 1971



An advertisement for the opening of Six Flags Over Mid-America featuring a host and hostess.

Six Flags Over Mid-America was the last of the three Six Flags theme parks envisioned by founder Angus G. Wynne. Like Six Flags Over Texas, which opened in 1961, and Six Flags Over Georgia, which opened in 1967, the park was designed with an emphasis on education through historical fiction. Famous production designer Randall Duell designed the layout of the park, which he centered around the Palace Theatre, in a "Duell loop".


Six Flags Over Mid-America opened to the public on June 5, 1971. The park opened with six themed areas; Missouri, USA, Spain, France, England, and Old Chicago.


Early era (1971-1983)


Six Flags Over Mid-America opened to the public on June 5, 1971.

During the 1972 season, the Grand Ole Carousel opened in the England section of the park. The ride was originally built in 1915, and was relocated to the park.

During the 1973 season, the Dodge City bumper cars (later renamed Water Street Cab Company) and Mo-Mo the Monster, a spinning ride, opened in the Old Chicago section of the park. The Old Glory Amphitheatre, the park's main music venue, also opened.


During the 1976 season, Screamin' Eagle, then the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, opened in the Old Chicago section of the park.

During the 1977 season, Highland Fling, a Schwarzkopf Enterprise, opened in the England section of the park. For the ride's opening ceremony, a group of bagpipe players came to the park to perform.

During the 1978 season, Sky Chuter, a parachute tower ride, opened in the England section of the park.


During the 1981 season, Jet Scream, a Schwarzkopf "looping star" roller coaster opened in the USA section of the park.

During the 1982 season, The Buccaneer, a swinging ship ride, opened in the USA section of the park.

Bally era (1983-1990)


During the 1983 season, Thunder River, a white water rafting ride, opened in the Missouri section of the park.

That same year, Bally Manufacturing purchased Six Flags.

Time Warner era (1991-1998)


In 1990, Time Warner acquired a 19.5% stake in Six Flags, then by the end of 1991 acquired an additional 30.5% giving them 50% ownership of the corporation, with the remaining divided equally by silent partners, The Blackstone Group and Wertheim Schroder.


In 1992, Tidal Wave opened in the Old Chicago section of the park.


In 1993, the Bugs Bunny Carrot Top Dance Party opened, a dinner show for kids.


In 1995, the park introduced the Warner Bros. Backlot section of the park with Batman: The Ride, an inverted steel roller coaster. To celebrate the opening of the ride, the park put on Batman Nights, a laser and fireworks spectacular featuring an original Batman story set to the soundtracks of the films Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).


In 1996, the park introduced the DC Comics Plaza section of the park, replacing the Spain section.


In 1998, Mr. Freeze, a LIM launch coaster, opened in the DC Comics Plaza section of the park. It was originally planned to open for the 1997 season in tandem with the theatrical release of Batman & Robin, but problems with the electromagnetic launch mechanism caused it to be delayed an entire year.

Post-Premier Parks merger era (1999-2005)


In 1999, Hurricane Harbor opened to the public. That same summer, the Speed O'Drome opened in the Britannia section of the park.


In 2000, The Boss, a wooden roller coaster manufactured by Great Coasters International, opened in the Britannia section of the park.


In 2005, Tornado, the first major addition to Hurricane Harbor, opened to the public.

Shapiro era (2006-2009)

At the end of 2005, a proxy battle resulted in two major stockholders assuming control of the Six Flags Board. The Premier Group was ousted in December and the new board appointed Mark Shapiro as CEO.


In 2006, the park introduced Bugs Bunny National Park, an all-new children's area themed after Looney Tunes. Some of the rides from the former Looney Tunes Town were relocated to the new area and given new themes.


In 2007, Tony Hawk's Big Spin, a spinning coaster manufactured by Gerstlauer, opened in the Britannia section of the park. That season, the Screen Stars Diner in Studio Backlot was replaced with a Johnny Rockets location.

Post-bankruptcy era (2009-present)


On May 14, 2011, SkyScreamer opened in the Illinois section of the park.


In summer 2012, Bonzai Pipelines opened in Hurricane Harbor.


On June 8, 2013, Boomerang opened in the Illinois section of the park.


On May 24, 2014, Tsunami Soaker opened in the Chouteau's Market section of the park.


On June 5, 2015, Justice League: Battle for Metropolis opened in the DC Comics Plaza section of the park.


On May 7, 2016, Fireball opened in the Illinois section of the park, replacing Rush Street Flyer.


On May 26, 2017, Spinsanity opened in the Chouteau's Market section of the park.


On June 22, 2018, Typhoon Twister opened in Hurricane Harbor.


The park opened for the 2019 season on March 23, 2019. Supergirl: Sky Flyer, a Zamperla Endeavour ride, will open in the Britannia section of the park in the summer.

Areas and attractions


First Cone in 1904 World's Fair.

1904 World's Fair

Main article: 1904 World's Fair

1904 World's Fair is the main area of the park, based on the real-life 1904 World's Fair, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, which ran from April 30 to December 1, 1904. The area features the "Mall of the Mid-Americas", a mall complex that features many foods introduced or present at the fair, as well as buildings themed to the time period. The area was previously named "Missouri" from the park's opening in 1971 until 1994.




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The entrance archway to Studio Backlot.

Studio Backlot

Main article: Studio Backlot

Studio Backlot is a movie studio-themed area. Several movie and Batman-themed attractions reside in the area, including Batman: The Ride, Axis Chemical Arcade, The Joker Inc., and Ninja. It opened in 1995 as "Warner Bros. Backlot", but the name was changed in 2002, likely to differentiate from the real-life Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.






The Hall of Justice, the entrance facade to Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.

DC Comics Plaza

Main article: DC Comics Plaza

DC Comics Plaza is an area themed after various characters and elements from DC Entertainment. It features rides such as Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast, and Shazam!.




The Boss facade

The entrance to The Boss, themed after a castle drawbridge.


Main article: Britannia

Britannia is a Medieval England-themed area. It features The Boss, Xcalibur, the Speed O'Drome, Dragon's Wing, and more. The area was named "England" from 1971 to 1992, "Great Britain" in 1993, and then it was given its current name in 1994.





Tsunami Soaker, one of the two attractions in Chouteau's Market

Chouteau's Market

Main article: Chouteau's Market

Chouteau's Market is an area themed to a French market. It is named after Auguste Chouteau, the founder of the city of St. Louis. The area opened in 1993, replacing France.





The entry to Bugs Bunny National Park.

Bugs Bunny National Park

Main article: Bugs Bunny National Park (Six Flags St. Louis)

Bugs Bunny National Park is a children's are based on the Looney Tunes cartoons. It opened in 2006, replacing part of what once belonged to Britannia.



Gateway to the West

Main article: Gateway to the West

Gateway to the West is themed to the early years of the state of Missouri, and features many references to locales and people in Missouri. The area opened in 1993, taking over a part of what was formerly parts of the Missouri and France section of the park.






Boomerang, the newest roller coaster at the park


Main article: Illinois

Illinois is loosely themed to the state of Illinois. The area was formerly known as "Old Chicago" before 1994.




Hurricane Harbor

Main article: Hurricane Harbor (Six Flags St. Louis)




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